Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tennis Partner!!! Part 2 By JD

If you haven't read part 1, it might help to understand this story better. The events take place during my freshman year in college. I had known Sue through a friend of mine, Julie, for a while, but had never really spoken or spent much time with her.

That all changed the night of that fateful party at Matt's place. I was very much into Sue, she was 5’9, very blonde and tan, with beautiful blue eyes. Her taut and athletic 34C-22-34 was enough to make anyone notice. And after feeling those long legs wrapped around my body, I knew I wanted more.

At the end of our little one-nighter, she had advised me that she was engaged and that she wouldn't be having sex with me anymore. I had gone from sexual high to totally shattered. She must've sensed my disappointment, since she quickly added that she might be interested in sucking my cock again though. Who could turn that down?

So there I was, a week later, walking up to her front door. I had called her to see what she was doing, and she had invited me over. She said that she didn't have much time, but I could still come by.

I didn't know how serious she was about the blowjob offer, but it didn't take me long to find out. She motioned for me to follow her into her bedroom and she then closed the door. When she turned around, I tried to kiss her, but she wasn't having any of that. She knew what she was after, and she quickly got the point across to me too.

She pushed me against her bed, then unbuckled my belt and unzipped my walking shorts in one deft motion, before pulling them down as she dropped to her knees. No kissing, no caressing, I felt so cheap… yeah right. It was hot, I felt like I was on fire instantly, and I thought I might pass out from all the blood rushing to my cock. Before she had my shorts around my ankles, my cock was quickly rising to the occasion.

"I'm glad to see you've missed me." Her smile showed that she appreciated the immediate response, but I felt like the comment was directed at my dick, not me. I could see down her tank top and her face had an expression of total arousal. She reached out with her tongue and licked the head of my dick lovingly as she held the shaft in her right hand. She pumped a few times, getting the head really reddish purple, before sliding it into her mouth, engulfing the head and an inch of the shaft. I thought my legs would buckle, I was so glad I was leaning against the foot of her bed.

The view of her perfect tits was too much for me as I slid my hand inside her tank top to get a feel. My fingertips had just touched the swell of her left breast when she quickly grabbed my hand. She moved my hand back to my side, signaling that she did not want to be touched. In fact, it became quite clear that the only thing she cared about at that point was my cock.

She sucked it deep into her mouth, emitting sloppy wet sounds as she did. Her right hand was continuously pumping on my shaft in time with her bobbing head. Her left hand had reached between my legs, alternating rubbing my balls and the tops of my thighs. To say she was good would be the biggest understatement.

Her sucking became more forceful, as her skin became flushed in the face and on her chest. Was she having an orgasm? Then came the tell-tale shudder as she indeed went over the edge, still never missing a beat on my cock. She slowed slightly, for what seemed a few seconds, then resumed sucking in earnest. I realized that this blowjob was more about her than about me. I was just a prop, a real-life dildo, meant only to bring her pleasure. I felt so used, it was great!!! I felt like such a sex-toy, and it was hot.

Sue seemed to be nearing another orgasm, as she had found that really sensitive spot on my balls and that constriction in her throat that was bringing the most intense pleasure to the head of my cock. The tightness would squeeze the glans, stimulating it, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. As I did, my cock swelled even more with blood, making the head and shaft even thicker, triggering another orgasm in Sue. She seemed almost in a trance, her red skin contrasting against her blonde hair, her blue eyes rolling up into the back of her head, showing only the white part.

It was that look of total sexual bliss that sent me over the edge, as I moaned to her that I was cumming. Sue grabbed my balls with her left hand as she pulled me into her mouth with her right hand on my ass, making sure she had all of my cock inside her. Her lips and nose were crushed against my pubic hair as she held her breath, her mouth totally engulfing every inch of me. My orgasm was intense and powerful, as I shot at least half a dozen volleys of cream down her throat. I had wanted to grab her head but thought better of it, thinking she might bite off my dick. So I just leaned back against the bed, thrusting my groin forward, which seemed to make Sue shudder once more with an aftershock of her own orgasm. It was then that I noticed for the first time how she had been grinding her pussy against my shin and foot, pushing the material of her white tennis shorts into her pussy.

The image seemed totally surreal, like something out of an Andrew Blake porno. Sue's girl next door innocent looks were in stark contrast to the totally hot sex act she was performing on my grateful cock. She bobbed her head up and down, making sure she got every last drop as her hands squeezed my shaft and balls. My cum must've taste like ambrosia to her, judging by the content and sated look on her face as my head pulled past the tight ring formed by her lips, letting my dick plop out of her mouth.

As hot as she'd been just the minute prior, she turned equally cold as soon as she stood up. She brushed an errant strand of blonde hair from her tan face as she announced that she had to get ready to go. It was as if she was talking to herself, she acted so detached from the hot scene from just a moment prior. It was quite clear to me that I should leave. Unlike the last time, no kissing, no cuddling, just Sue giving me head. Actually, she sucked my cock, it was only about her and my cock, and if she could've figured out a way, I could've just as easily been gone from the entire scene, except for the fact that I was attached to my penis.

Another man might've been hurt, or felt used. What was wrong with me, I didn't feel any of those feelings? I just knew that I'd experienced one of the hottest sexual encounters of my life and that I would become addicted to that scenario, a clothed woman and a nude man. By stripping me while remaining clothed herself, she had retained control of the situation, unlike the last time. She was able to use my cock for her pleasure, and even though I came as well, it was quite obvious that she had done everything for herself. I was just the stunt cock in the scenario. And to be honest, I loved it. I knew I'd never have anything with Sue, so if that was all I could ever get out of this, who was I to argue?

I spoke with Julie months later and she had told me how Sue had given her fiancé his first blowjob. She acted like she'd never done it before. We both had a good laugh about that, and agreed that she probably didn't feel the same thing giving him head. Maybe it's the naughtiness of it? Maybe Sue loved it so much because she knew deep down inside that it was frowned upon. Why else would such an act trigger such intense orgasms in her? That question has continued to haunt the deep sexual areas of my brain for all this time.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Back to CFNM stories

Although this story is not really about CFNM, it is part one of another story that is very much CFNM. For the purists, get over it. For everyone else, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. ;)


Tennis Partner!!!

Did you ever feel instantly in tune with someone you just met? When you get the feeling you’ve known someone all your life? Well, it’s happened to me several times and it always leaves me wondering what it is about that person that elicited that type of response. Why did I so quickly let my guard down and trust that person, shared all kinds of details of my life and chatted with him or her as if we’ve been best friends forever?

Although this may read like a fantasy at times, this and all my stories are true and actually happened to me, and not just in a wet dream. Sometimes I’m still amazed at some of the encounters I’ve had, that’s why I decided to start writing them down. And as I read them again, I realize that some sound like fantasies come true.

I’ve always had the ability to chat someone up over almost any topic, especially if I’m not trying to pick them up. Of course, if I am trying to pick someone up, I usually fail miserably. That’s why I usually go into any encounter with someone new, especially a beautiful woman, as nonchalantly as possible. Maybe women sense sexual desperation like dogs smell fear? Anyway, I’ve often had some of my most incredible sexual encounters right after I’d told myself that nothing would ever happen with the person I had just met. It's gotten to the point where I usually go into a situation expecting nothing, that way I'm often pleasantly surprised when something good does happen.

It was with that frame of mind that I went to my friend Matt’s place for a small party with some people from our college. Matt was a teammate on the varsity soccer squad. He was a really funny guy with a great personality and had invited several really good-looking women as well as some of the guys from the team to his house for beers. I was a freshman and Matt was a sophomore on the team. The funny part was that Matt, like me, was one of the shorter guys at our school. In fact, of the best players on the soccer team, three of us were also the shortest. I was the team's high scorer, which just means I had lots of help and good passing.

Our soccer team often practiced indoors when it rained too hard. We would share the gym with the volleyball team. Because of that, we had gotten close to many of the volleyball players, who happened to be very sexy in their short shorts. For the Einsteins reading this, yes, it was a female volleyball team. The party was evenly divided into guys and girls.

I knew most of the people at the party, but I was really surprised to see Sue at the party. Sue was the best friend of a friend of mine, Julie. Although we had met several times before through Julie, Sue had never really talked to me and acted like she didn’t care for me. Sue was 5’9, very blond and tan, with beautiful blue eyes and almost model-like features. Her body was very taut and athletic, a stunning 34C-22-34. She had very long legs which were very toned from hours of tennis.

Maybe I should describe myself, which would explain Sue’s apparent disinterest in me. I’m rather short, black hair and green eyes, with a stocky “wrestler’s” build. Not exactly the type of guy that would attract some blonde beach-babe, which is how I saw Sue. The obvious physical mis-match, as well as her reluctance to speak to me in the past led me to quickly dismiss the notion that anything might/could/would happen with Sue.

We each mingled for quite a while when I bumped into Sue again over by one of the couches. "Can I get you a beer?" I asked her.

"Sure, thanks. Get yourself one too and come sit with me." The smile she gave me could've melted the iceberg that sank the Titanic.

"What the fuck?" I thought to myself. Those words equaled more than the total number of words she'd ever spoken to me before. We started talking about everything and nothing, including about Julie.

"You know, Julie really likes you. She thinks you're a great guy."

"Umm, well, I like Julie too. She's really cool. I think she just likes me because I'm Italian, like her car." I tried to make a joke of it since I could never take a compliment and didn't know where Sue was going with this.

Julie and I had always been close, but in a non-sexual way. We were good friends, nothing more. Well, she was friends with me, I adored Julie's 36DDs, but Sue didn't need to know that. Julie could've been the biggest bitch in the world, and I still would've kissed her ass. But the fact that she was really fun and drove a hot Italian sports car made it all the better.

"Well, she talks about you all the time. She says you even play tennis."

"Yeah, I played two years in high school", I told her. "I saw you when we lost to your school last year. I ended playing the second doubles match but you were at the other end of the court."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you back then since Julie and I weren't friends then", she told me.

The conversation seemed to be different, Sue treating me like an equal rather than just an acquaintance. Maybe Julie really had told her I was an okay guy. Or maybe it was the realization that high school was over and as a freshman in college, you had to start over.

We talked for quite a while, and since I knew this was going nowhere, joked a lot and regaled her with some of my best comic material. I let my hair down and was myself since I didn’t feel anything sexual between us, even though I thought Sue was gorgeous.

After a while she saw one of Matt's Penthouse magazines next to the fireplace. "Did you ever read any of the stories in that?" she asked, pointing at the magazine.
"Yeah, I think they're pretty funny and hot. Ever notice how the guys are always the biggest studs and can pick up any woman that walks in the door?"

Sue laughed that really cute laugh. Little did she know that I was intently watching her pert tits jiggle under her tank top as she did. Luckily she had thrown her head back slightly and closed her eyes. Damn, it sure was good beer if it made me seem funny to her.

"Well, I think they're written by pros, they can't be true." She rolled her eyes as she said it and all I could think was, "Woohoo, here's my opening."

"You know, I've had some experiences like that," I lied. "Stuff like that happens to me all the time." Sue almost fell off the couch laughing, but I was able to slip my arm behind her to keep from hitting her head on the mantle.

Suddenly we became very aware of our surrounding. "Do you wanna talk some more in Matt's room?" I asked her. She seemed to change suddenly, looking somewhat flushed and more serious.

"Yeah, sure," she said and got up off the couch.

I followed that perfect ass as if in a trance. Sue walked into Matt's bedroom, turned at the door to let me walk through, and then closed the door behind me. I felt like I was walking in a dream, hopefully a wet one, but still just a dream. Little did I think the evening would turn out like this. Just having Sue in the bedroom charged every nerve in my body like I was wired for 220.

Haha, if only she knew how far over my head I was at that point.

The talk must’ve gotten her hot because we decided to continue our conversation in private. We went to Matt’s bedroom and sat on his bed while we talked some more. Eventually we started kissing and doing some light petting. Time must’ve flown since Matt was knocking on the door insisting to have his bedroom back. I suggested to Sue that we could continue “talking” at my house. Being a freshman at a local college I still lived at home, but knew my parents would be in bed by then.

Sue followed me in her car and the ride seemed to take forever. We went to our TV room, which I knew my parents stayed out of and would afford us lots of privacy. It turned out that Sue was talked out and wanted to get right down to it. We started kissing again as I began pulling her shirt off. What greeted me was the perkiest set of breasts encased in a white sports bra that showed off her tan skin. I couldn’t wait to undo the clasp so I could suck on her perfectly conical tits and pointy nipples.

She seemed to lose any inhibitions as she pushed the Levi’s off her slim hips to reveal equally sexy white panties. Her body was flawless and it was at this point that I remember my earlier thought that nothing was going to happen tonight, especially not with Sue. Her blonde pussy hair was neatly trimmed and I couldn’t wait to dive in. I trailed kisses down her flat stomach and soon found my head between her thighs.

I ate her for all I was worth, okay, for all an eighteen year-old was worth. Before long she was pulling me up to kiss my face, licking her juices off my lips and cheeks as I deftly entered her slick but tight little pussy. It took a bit to work my cock into her but soon we found a rhythm and depth of stroke that seemed to be to our mutual liking.

Even though I’m fairly average in size, her pussy seemed to be a half size too small, which made it all the harder to hold off cumming. I was intent on giving her at least one orgasm before cumming myself though. We went at it for what seemed forever but was actually only about half an hour when she stopped me. She said she wanted to give me head. Of course I said okay. She immediately dove onto my cock and started sucking like there was no tomorrow.

She seemed to really be enjoying herself, even more than when we’d been fucking. She was moaning and sucking, even though I was only running my hands over her breasts and sides. Her ministrations became more forceful, urging me to cum for her. I told her I was ready and she just clamped down on my cock and swallowed every drop. Amongst my spasms I felt a quiver go thru her body as well. She continued to lick me tenderly, looking up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes. Sensing my confusion, she finally took my cock out of her mouth and explained that she couldn’t have an orgasm until she had sucked a cock first.

The thought of that kept me totally hard as I rolled her onto her back and slid my cock back into her. Even though I had just cum several minutes before that, I couldn’t wait to fuck Sue some more. This time though, she fucked back as good as I was doing her. She came again and was really holding me tight as she kissed me, grinding her pelvic bone into mine, triggering my second orgasm of the night.

We cuddled for a while before she said she had to go. We never did repeat that session although we got together one more time when she just absolutely had to suck my dick again. When I asked if we could fuck she said no, that her fiancé wouldn’t like it. I guess they had gotten much more serious by then. So I just laid back on her bed and enjoyed another one of her expert blowjobs, feeling her tits again and marveling at my luck.

I ended up talking to Julie about what had happened with Sue several weeks later and she just laughed. She admitted that Sue had a real oral fetish but the funniest thing was that she’d only given her fiancé one blowjob, acting like it’s the first time she’d ever done it. Maybe it was her craving for giving blowjobs that made her call me.

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WTF is up with this blog?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy Happy Friday!!!

since i can't get to the pic Erika requested right now, i thought i'd do something to repay many of the hot ladies that leave such great comments. you've heard me expound on the virtues of Blowjobs and taking care of your man. well, it seems i'm in good company. to prove my point, i'm including a professional advice column, so you can see it's not just my opinion... i know the title says, "if men wrote advice columns", but i think that's a typo... i'm sure some undersexed, overstressed, underfed male editor just missed it.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday

okay, before i post my lame pic for this week, i gotta make an observation. within 24 hours of posting Andi's pic for T4TT, (Tits 4 Troops Tuesday), our glorious fighting men were able to take out the number one terrorist in Iraq. not to make this a political thing, but coincidence, i don't think so. ;) never underestimate the power of a beautiful set of breasteses, especially ones as lovely as Andi's.

so, for all you doubters and naysayers, the next time you face an impossible situation, try flashing those babies. you never know... ;)

okay, enough gloating... here's a pic i took this morning. yep, the pixels are still fresh. i love under armour, and i love the color red...

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there, I said it. oh yes, girlfriend, I went there. let me give you an example. TITS. okay, that's two examples. the point is, think about how much money women spend on them. I mean, Victoria wouldn't have a fucking Secret if women didn't spend a fortune on something that hardly ever gets seen, yet is designed solely for the purpose of making breasts look better. ever think about the prices of bras? astronomical! men wouldn't be caught dead paying $30-150 for something they'd just as soon rip off a woman.

now don't get me wrong, I love breasteses. I love everything about them. but considering how much women spend to make them look good, why do they then get upset when they catch men looking at them? I mean, if you didn't want us to look, you'd be wearing one of those Muslim dresses, right? I figure, I spend that much money on something, I'm showing everybody!!!!! 

so, in order to rectify this huge injustice, I think it's time to establish TITS 4 TROOPS TUESDAY, or T4TT. just think, right now some poor Soldier or Marine has 15 minutes internet access time, and while waiting for the computer to send that long email to his sweetheart, he's surfing the net, looking for some eye-candy. I mean, we have Toys for Tots, right? don't you think our troops helping to protect America's freedom couldn't use something to lift their spirits?

if you agree and want to support our troops, send me a pic, clothed, topless, side shot, cleavage, in a bikini, holding them, whatever. every Tuesday I will post an anon pic in hopes of lifting the morale of our fighting men. I figure I post enough pics of dicks to lift the spirits of our fighting women, should they care to peruse my blog. so I've done my part. now it's up to the sexy ladies to do theirs.

Uncle Sam wants you….. to show your breasteses!!!! :)

EDIT: the incomparable Andi has contributed to the cause with this sexy shot. i know full well that our troops will definitely appreciate her generous offering. sometimes we need to be reminded that we're fighting for more than just apple pie and baseball. ;) Andi, thank you hon, you and the pic are totally hot. :) for all my brothers in arms, i salute you. ;)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Thought and question for all to ponder this weekend

what, in your opinion, makes for a beautiful cock? now i'm not fishing for compliments, i'm not even talking about my own. i have been told by a woman or two that i had a beautiful cock. what the fuck does that mean? so i was hoping some of you brilliant and sexy ladies might be able to educate me. what do you find attractive about the male member? trimmed, shaved, natural, all important and momentous decisions... lol, you know what i mean. and i know there are personal preferences, but i'd love to hear from anyone who has an opinion one way or another on the subject. now don't tell me you haven't seen one before, you can't click on this blog without my dick poking you in the eye every other post, so that doesn't cut it. and if you want to critique mine, go ahead, i can handle it. and as much teasing as i have to endure by some of you, i have to handle it quite often... ;)

seriously though, this post will probably flop, since hardly anyone reads this drivel anyway. and without any pics, most will click on "back" as quick as nicole smith can put away twinkies. but just in case, i'd love to know what all of you hotties find sexy or attractive in the male member.....

and thank you in advance for any and all comments... and you know me, the more graphic, the better... :)