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A feeble attempt by your humble blogger to explain CFNM

The Case for CFNM

By Sam French ©

As I peruse countless pics and stories about CFNM, I am struck with the realization that not as many women seem to be into CFNM. What is this phenomenon of which I speak? Clothed Female Nude Male describes scenarios and situations where the female will normally remain fully clothed, while a nude male is made to perform certain tasks. These tasks range from serving as a waiter and providing visual entertainment for the lady or ladies, all the way to the man or men being dominated, humiliated and "abused" by women. I put abused in quotation marks since I'm pretty sure all of the humble male subjects are secretly enjoying the activities. And humiliated is a relative term too, since the humiliation in most cases directly leads to the enjoyment felt by the male.

I think the central point of CFNM is the control and power women have over men in these scenarios. Any situation where a woman can remain clothed while a man is made to do seemingly endless and humiliating tasks for her enjoyment would suggest that it's the woman who's in charge. But as in other forms of S&M, both the master and slave have a certain amount of control, and hence share in the pleasure derived from such scenarios.

This led me to ponder, why is it that mostly men are drawn to this activity? I would think women would relish being given so much control in this sexual situation. I started thinking of reasons why I thought women would be into CFNM. Here goes:

1. Women would have a man or group of men waiting on them hand and foot. What woman wouldn't relish having all her needs taken care of without question? The naked man-servant would be very attentive, especially since doing a good job might result in physical reward of one kind or another. Any wish or command would be carried out immediately. Women could have so much fun with this. Imagine how much more fun the next bridge party would be if the ladies didn't have to get up for drinks or something to nibble on. And with all the eye-candy, it would certainly make the games more fun too.

2. Women would be following nature by allowing men to show off for them. The animal kingdom is replete with examples of the male of the species going to great lengths to win the adoration of the female. From peacocks and their plumes, to animals of all types, it is usually the male of the species who shows off for the female's attention. Whether visual or physical, males have to impress the female to ensure the right to pass on their genes. Women could use man's natural predisposition for this to give themselves pleasure, while also providing men with what they instinctively crave.

3. With all the strides the women's movement has made in the last 30 years, women should embrace an activity that turns the tables on men. This has partially come to fruition in the number of male strip revues across the globe. Women can now enjoy the same activity as their leering male counterparts. In fact, male strip shows are the fastest growing segment of CFNM. But why stop there? Why allow men the corner on being the instigator in activities involving nudity, sex, and voyeurism? Why is it only Peeping Tom and not Peeping Tammy? Many men would love to have women watching them in the shower. In fact, we would probably wash those private parts even longer if we knew a group of comely coeds was peeking through the window. Women could assert their freedom and equality by making men strip for them, do their bidding, in short, take charge of the situation. Although males are the visual ones, women love male eye-candy as much as most men do. If this were not so, male strippers would be out of jobs and Playgirl would not exist.

4. Women could have all the fun without the worry of how they'll look naked. Imagine not having to even get undressed for sex. No worrying about that little bit of bloating or the few pounds from the holidays you haven't lost yet. And you know you look sexy in that blazer, tight skirt and hose. You could even have wild sex and never even have to do more than just drop your panties, if you're wearing any. The clothes would still cover all those annoying areas while providing access to all the naughty bits you care to show. And with the bra still pushing up those sexy breasts, no worries about them sagging or the stretch marks showing. It's a win/win situation. And you know us men, if we can't have something, we'll keep coming back for it. If you don't show us all the goods, you'll definitely have our attention again and again. What better way to ensure our continued devotion?

5. CFNM would be a great stress reliever for women. Pissed off at the boss? Take it out on your boy-toy. Board meeting didn't go as planned? Smack your man-servants ass until it's bright red. He'll love it and you'll feel so much better. Are you sick of the glass ceiling? What better way to prove you're just as capable as any man than to make a group of men grovel at your feet for just a glimpse of your charms as they display their appreciation with raging hard ons. Men can't fake that, you either do it for them or you don't. There's no more direct feedback than a nice turgid cock to let you know you're hot and doing what he likes. And if you were really screwed over by a male coworker that week, why not take a nice dildo to some naked guy's ass for a while. The best part is, you'll both feel better afterwards.

Of course all these suggestions and musings are somewhat tongue-in-cheek. I wouldn't want to offend any woman who may read this, unless of course she may want to make me strip and lay across her lap to show me her displeasure. *wink*

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Welcome to my CFNM Fun Blog. CFNM stands for Clothed Female Nude Male and encompasses all fun activities that include the mild to wild action. At the mild end, it means activities such as female voyeurism of nude males. On the wild end, it includes femdom and female humiliation. I tend to favor the milder scenarios, but like some of the wilder stuff as well. The main point is that it should be fun for everyone. I hope to add more pics and stories as this blog expands. I love feedback from either sex, or both, for some who are both, LOL. I got my inspiration from Yehu who has the best CFNM blog around.

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